James Yammouni of Janoskians Isn’t Died; ‘RIP’ Rumor Spread on Twitter

December 23, 2013 Updated: July 18, 2015

James Anthony Yammouni of the popular YouTube comedy group the Janoskians is likely not dead, but there’s a viral rumor being spread.

On Monday night, it appears that a number of people tweeted “RIPJamesYammouni” after it was made into a hashtag.

“#/RipJamesYammouni << whoever started this hashtag is seriously messed up -___- likee why would you even joke like that,” wrote one person.

Added another: “Those ppl trending #/RIPJamesYammouni are the cancer of human kind it’d be okay if they were atleast a bit funny but it’s just disgusting.”

Users traced the rumor back to the @HolyArianator Twitter account, which has posted several other “RIP” rumors, including one that says “#RIPDylanSprouse,” referring to the teen star.

Yammouni, via his Twitter account, posted several items on Twitter recently. “I get so many comments saying my account looks like a fan girl account lol yolo,” reads part of a tweet.

There have been a number of viral death hoaxes spread on Twitter, namely about Justin Bieber and other celebrities.