James Lowe, Lorde’s Boyfriend: Who is He? (+Photos)

James Lowe, Lorde’s boyfriend, has been the subject of ridicule by some One Direction fans after Lorde allegedly made fun of the band’s members.

But there is reportedly no evidence that she did, in fact, do so.

With that aside, who is Lowe? Let’s check out what we know.

-Lowe is a photographer who enjoys taking pictures of his famous girlfriend. 

Although his professional website doesn’t have any pictures of Lorde, she is a prominent presence in his Instagram feed. His photos of her get a lot of play on the website. For instance, one taken on January 25 has been liked 7,487 times.

-He’s breaking stereotypes by dating a celebrity.

Asians are commenting that Lowe may be the first “nerdy Asian guy” to date a female celebrity.

David and Andrew Fung, two YouTube stars, made a video about it on their channel. 

-Lowe is close to his sister.

Lowe’s sister Katherine hangs out with him a lot. She posts Vine videos of her brother reading the questions he gets on Tumblr, and participates in photo shoots with him. She is supportive of his relationship with Lorde.

-Most people didn’t know about the relationship until Lowe posted a picture on her Instagram of the pair brushing teeth together (see above). “HAPPYBDAY JAMES,” she wrote.

Several days later she posted a photo of Lowe lying down, saying he was sick.

Check out more photos of Lowe and Lorde below.

(All photos/Instagram/jamesklowe)

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