Jailed American’s Parole Revoked in Peru

By Angela Wang
Angela Wang
Angela Wang
August 19, 2010 Updated: August 19, 2010

A Peruvian court has revoked the parole on Wednesday of Lori Berenson, an American woman who was jailed for aiding terrorists in the country 15 years ago.

Berenson's parole was granted earlier by Judge Jessica Leon Yarango, but it turned out that one of the two home addresses provided by her had not been verified. Berenson is required to return to jail until parole is officially granted.

If the second address is verified, the new judge will be able to reconsider her release.

Berenson, who has another 5 years of her 20-year sentence to go, turned herself in after learning that her parole had been revoked.

A meeting between Berenson and the U.S. Embassy in Peru was arranged regarding the issue. "It was Lori Berenson's decision to immediately comply with the judicial order and turn herself in voluntarily," said Consular Officer James Fennel according to CNN.

Angela Wang