Jailbreak iOS 8: iOS 8.2 TaiG Jailbreak Likely Ready Around Time of Apple’s Next Update

March 2, 2015 Updated: July 18, 2015

It’s currently not possible to jailbreak an iOS 8.2 beta device (unless you want to get malware), but TaiG says it has a jailbreaking tool ready for when iOS 8.2 is finally released in its non-beta form.

TaiG is the team behind the most popular iOS 8.1 jailbreak.

On the team’s website (which is currently down), it says they have “already completed the untethered jailbreak support for iOS 8.2,” according to GottabeMobile.com.

According to the site, it could “mean that the TaiG team already have newer exploits needed to crack iOS 8.2 if Apple patches up the current exploits that are being used. Of course, TaiG won’t disclose these exploits until iOS 8.2 officially releases and a jailbreak is complete.”

“This is certainly good news, as Apple patched up the jailbreak exploits when it released iOS 8.1.3, and it was up in the air as far as when a new jailbreak would arrive, especially with iOS 8.2 releasing soon,” it says.

Meanwhile, a report is suggesting that the “Golden Age” of jailbreaks is probably “over,” meaning that the process can open up the possibilities for getting malware.

Gizmodo, in a report last week, notes that “the option to jailbreak and root your phone is one that should always survive” but the dangers of doing so are growing. Meanwhile, the process is offering limited benefits as the iOS becomes more versatile.

“Unlocking the true potential of a phone used to be a no-brainer for everyone. But that knee-jerk reaction that as soon as you pop a smartphone out of the box you must immediately root or jailbreak it is becoming a thing of the past,” the site says. “Whether it’s because malware is becoming more complex, or Google, Apple, and smartphone makers finally getting their shit together (somewhat), rooting and jailbreaking is now reserved for the smartphone savvy. It’s not a means to ‘fix’ missing features on a phone.”