J. Crew: Where Red Lips and Hoodies are a Perfect Match

February 11, 2014 Updated: July 18, 2015

New York—The sixth day of Fashion Week in freezing-but-sunny New York brought collections by Tory Burch, Badgley Mischka, and J.Crew.

As usual, J.Crew offered its show as a standing presentation, what became a signature of the brand’s casual-elegance style. While models were standing as living paintings, attendees of the show had enough time to absorb the play of fall colors and patterns.

And it was a lot to consume as J.Crew’s executive creative director Jenna Lyons replaced some familiar components. Statement necklaces were subsituted by scarves, and pencil skirts by loose trousers.

The Fall 2014 collection doubled the amount of patterns, adding some fur as well. It was an fall pallet of colors, from burgundy to grey, with touch of golden and bright blue.

Hoodies made a perfect match with red lips, long scarves with ultra-feminine dress. The urban-and-girly look came through again in the pairing of slim trousers, woolen sweaters, and pointed hig-heels shoes.

This childlike play with patterns made visitors look at every outfit longer, and study the composition—how every shade cooperates with others, creating a harmonic, cheerful masterpiece. The way of absorbing the J.Crew collection was almost like listening to classical music.