iWatch: Rumors, Release Date, Display Specs

By Cody Scholberg, Epoch Times
January 16, 2014 Updated: July 18, 2015

Apple’s iWatch is a highly anticipated upcoming smartwatch which could make Dick Tracy a reality. The iWatch will compete with other smartwatches such as Samsung’s Galaxy Gear.

Rumors abound, and there isn’t much in the way of leaked information. It is rumored to be released in October 2014, but, remember, this is just a rumor. We will certainly let our readers know the moment there is a confirmed release date.

As far as the display goes, there was a display model for wearables introduced at the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show (CES), reports DisplaySearch’s David Hsieh, which is shown in the table below.

Readers should pay particular attention the question mark next to “Apple’s iWatch;” this is not confirmed. Apple might be testing this model, but it remains to be seen whether the iWatch will use this display or a different one.