It’s the Right Time To Act: Reject Communism

January 4, 2021 Updated: January 4, 2021

The year 2020 started with the coronavirus pandemic and ended with the U.S presidential election. What a roller-coaster!

Shortly before Christmas, a new variant of the coronavirus forced London to lock down again. Reports say it is spreading 70 times faster than COVID-19 and is more deadly.

Throughout history, when our ancestors were facing a crisis like this, they looked to the God of their faith, sincerely repented, and asked for forgiveness. This may still be relevant today.

The coronavirus started in Wuhan, China. The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) silenced the whistleblowers who tried to warn people and lied to the world about the outbreak, which cost valuable weeks of preparation. While banning Wuhan residents from travelling to other parts of China, the CCP allowed them to travel to other countries, thereby spreading the virus across the globe.

Before publicly acknowledging the outbreak, the Beijing regime was secretly hoarding personal protective equipment, contributing to worldwide shortages of the desperately needed PPE in early 2020.

Later in 2020, disputes over the U.S presidential election shed light on the CCP’s decades of sly efforts to subvert the United States from within.

On Dec. 23, some armed Antifa members interrupted a Christmas party in a park in downtown Lansing, the capital of Michigan. A video clip posted in Twitter shows that when asked who they support, a female member answered that they support Karl Marx.

Karl Marx, the founder of communism, declared in “The Communist Manifesto” that the ultimate purpose is to eliminate all faith in God.

Many believe the 2020 election is not about this or that political party—it is a referendum on our future way of life. We are standing at a crossroads.

The question is: will we reject the Chinese Communist Party, or will we allow it to take our country, destroy our culture, and indoctrinate our children?

An  online petition to “End the Chinese Communist Party” has so far attracted more than 434,666 signatures. A similar “Reject the Chinese Communist Party” petition on The Epoch Times website had garnered 280,555 signatures as of Jan. 3.

It’s the right time to act. Reject communism and return the United States back to God.

Cindy Song