It’s Like God Knew It Would Be My First Issue

November 18, 2019 Updated: November 18, 2019

I just received my first issue of The Epoch Times and I have to tell you, it’s by far the best newspaper I’ve read in years. It addresses
everything I think Americans should be learning about now.

The topics include: government, health, personal well being, education, teaching kids about wants vs. needs, teaching them about money, how to take care of yourself, and good sleep. It offers a breakdown of what’s really going on with our country.

It’s so refreshing. It’s like God knew it would be my first issue and it addresses everything that’s been on my mind lately. Well done. Happy to
give it an endorsement any time I can.

It talks about the TRUTH. Thank you. My faith in humanity is slowly being restored.

God Bless you.