Italian Woman Marries Herself in ‘Sologamous’ Wedding

September 27, 2017 Updated: September 27, 2017

Two years ago, Italian fitness trainer Laura Mesi ended a 12-year relationship. This year she turned 40, and instead of getting depressed about getting old and being single, she decided to turn both into a celebration.

“I told friends and family that if I had not found my soulmate by my 40th birthday, I would marry myself,” she told La Repubblica newspaper.

Self-marriage—dubbed “sologamy”—is not legally binding. There are no tax benefits and you won’t win any alimony if you decide to divorce (not that that’s possible).

It’s also not likely to please worried parents who want to see their children settle down. And if a self-wedder hoped to sit out from catching the bouquet at a friend’s wedding, no luck there either.

In 2015, 109 million Americans over 18 were unmarried, the Census Bureau reports, almost half of the adult population (45 percent).

Companies have popped up to capitalize on this micro trend by catering to singles who want to tie the knot with themselves.

I Married Me,” based out of Mill Valley, California, and offers wedding kits with a single ring, ceremony instructions, vows, and affirmation cards. Their kits with a 14K gold band starts at $230.

Critics have decried the trend as self-centered and silly, if not downright bizarre.

Mesi suggests that self-marriage isn’t a rejection of the institution of marriage. She told the BBC she’s open to a relationship, but that she’s not waiting for a man to make her life complete.

“I firmly believe that each of us must first of all love ourselves,” she said.