‘It Would Mean a Great Deal’: Canadian Armed Forces Ask Canadians to Send Holiday Greetings to Troops

November 16, 2020 Updated: November 16, 2020

As holiday season approaches, the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) put out a friendly request for holiday greetings that can be sent to its members serving overseas.

“Many of us will spend the holidays with our families. Many of us will not. It would mean a great deal to us if you sent them a greeting,” the CAF said on Twitter.

Canada Post will continue to offer free delivery of letters and parcels to domestically deployed troops from their family and friends during the 2020 holiday season.

Canadians can also send letters or greeting cards to any CAF members deployed abroad, though in this case, they will require postage.

However, the envelopes may only contain greeting cards, postcards, and letters. Parcels addressed to “Any Canadian Armed Forces Member” containing any other items will be returned to the senders at their expense, the government says.

More information on how and where to send the items to CAF members can be found on Canada’s government website.