Isis Williams, Mother of 3, Shot and Killed Five Days After Giving Birth: Reports

December 18, 2018 Updated: December 18, 2018

A Philadelphia man was arrested in connection with the shooting death of a new mother five days after she gave birth, according to reports.

Police said Tyrese Lynch shot and killed 24-year old Isis Williams on Dec. 14 after an argument, CBS Philadelphia reported.

The 5-day-old newborn was in the same room at the time of the incident, and the girl was unharmed, the report said.

Officials said there was no forced entry, but there appeared to be a struggle prior to the shooting. Furniture was overturned when police arrived.

Lynch, according to police, had prior convictions for a DUI and a domestic dispute with Williams about a year ago. The domestic dispute case was dropped when Williams didn’t appear in court, 6ABC reported.

“It’s terrible. It’s still a 5-day-old baby that now has no mother or father. It’s terrible all around,” said Philadelphia Police Capt. John Ryan, CBS Philadelphia reported.

A family member wrote on GoFundMe that Williams was in an abusive relationship with Lynch.

“I don’t even know where to start, but for a while now my cousin was in an abusive relationship with her baby father. She tried leaving him multiples times as she slept in her car or at a family member house from time to time,” the family member, who identified themselves as a cousin, wrote on the page.

The family member offered more alleged details of the incident.

“She had recently went back to him while giving birth to her 3rd daughter on December 9th 2018. She had been discharged from the hospital 2 days later. She could only spend 5 days with her daughter before she was brutally killed by her baby father,” the GoFundMe said.

tyrese lunch in police photo
Officials said there was no forced entry, but there appeared to be a struggle prior to the shooting. Furniture was overturned when police arrived, on Dec. 14, 2018. (Philadelphia Police)

And neighbors said they heard an argument before the shooting, ABC7 reported. “He was calling her derogatory names,” neighbor Melvina Hall said. “It was very loud.”

“If you hear it, hear the screaming, hear the crying, hear the arguing, say something,” said Christine Yarbough, a neighbor, 6ABC reported. “Call police, bang on the door, do something so we’re not standing here holding balloons and candles for another person.”

“It just sounded like a nail gun,” Bruce Thomas told NBC10. “Like someone was doing work.”

Williams aunt, meanwhile, said she was on the phone with her mother when the gunshots were fired. “Her mother heard the shots,” said Aspara Agyeman, the aunt.

“Even though I may be the one that ends up raising her, she’s gonna know that Isis is her mother and that she was loved,” the aunt said.

“She was funny. Her laugh made everyone laugh,” said cousin Amara Thornton, 6ABC reported. “Positive about everything.”

In another report, 6ABC said the unnamed 5-day-old infant was taken to the 35th police district headquarters while officers waited on Department of Human Services. The baby was then taken to St. Christopher’s Hospital for Children for care.

Other details are not clear.

The shooting took place in the Germantown area of Philadelphia.