ISIS Militants Strap Bomb to 4-Year-Old Boy and Blow Him Up in Northern Iraq: Report

January 6, 2016 Updated: January 6, 2016

ISIS militants apparently strapped a bomb on a 4-year-old child and remotely detonated it in northern Iraq. This came after the terrorists killed his father, according to a report.

Jabar el-Maamouri, a senior official with Iraqi national organization the Popular Mobilization Forces, told Alsumaria News of the incident, the Ahlul Bayt News Agency reported.

Maamouri said ISIS deteonated “a bomb that was attached to a four-year-old child through a remote-controlled device so that his organs would be blown apart.”

“ISIS executed the boy’s father a week ago who they accused of participating in an attack on one their outposts a month ago that killed two ISIS gunmen,” he added.

ISIS extremists parade down a street in Raqqa, Syria, on Jan. 14, 2014. (ISIS Website via AP)
ISIS extremists parade down a street in Raqqa, Syria, on Jan. 14, 2014. (ISIS Website via AP)

Maamouri called on human rights organizations to come “document the crimes of ISIS and to publicize the incident to the international community to condemn its funders and supporters with money and words.”

ISIS, known as ISIL or Daesh, has increasingly relied on child soldiers to do its bidding. The terror group also frequently features children in its propaganda videos and photos. Earlier in 2015, ISIS used a boy who is probably no more than 10 years old in a video that shows him shooting and killing an alleged spy.

Recently, the group released a propaganda video that shows another young boy, who has been described as “Jihadi Junior” by several media outlets, dressed in a military outfit and wearing a bandana.

The alleged spy (ISIS video screenshot taken by Epoch Times)
A child in the video from 2015 (ISIS video screenshot taken by Epoch Times)

“We are going to go kill the [nonbelievers] over there,” the boy says in the video. A U.K. man named Sunday Dare told a TV station the child featured in the video is his grandson. The boy was apparently taken to Syria in 2012.

“He doesn’t know anything,” Dare was quoted as saying by Opposing Views. “He’s a small boy. They are just using him as a shield.”

This week, another source in northern Iraq’s Nineveh Province said that ISIS took out an entire village after residents rebelled against the group. The source talked to Ahlul Bayt News Agency, but wished to remain anonymous.

“ISIS executed dozens of civilians including old people, women and children in the village of Al-Choud in area of Al-Keraya (85 kilometers south of Nineveh),” the source said.