ISIS Hacks France’s TV5Monde, ‘No Longer’ Under Control: Reports

April 8, 2015 Updated: April 8, 2015

France’s TV5Monde’s websites and social media accounts were apparently hacked by pro-ISIS supporters on Wednesday night.

The AFP news agency reported its TV channels, websites and Facebook page were hacked by ISIS supporters.

“We are no longer able to broadcast any of our channels. Our websites and social media sites are no longer under our control and are all displaying claims of responsibility by Islamic State,” the network’s director general Yves Bigot told the news agency.

The hackers posted what appeared to be ID cards and documents of relatives of French soldiers involved in operations against the terrorist group.

Meanwhile, the humanitarian situation in a refugee camp south of Damascus taken over by ISIS–known as the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria–has gotten worse.

“The situation is catastrophic. There is barely food and water, and the only functioning hospital has long run out of medication,” said a resident of the camp who communicated by writing on condition of anonymity Wednesday because of safety fears.

Heavy clashes continued in the camp, a week after extremists from the Islamic State group burst in from the Hajar Aswad district south of Damascus. They had settled in that area after being pushed out of regions east of the capital by Islamic rebels last year.

At least 18 civilians, including a humanitarian worker and a 12-year-old, have been killed in Yarmouk in the past week since IS attacked, Amnesty International said. One of Yarmouk’s two surviving medical facilities, the Palestine Hospital, was struck April 1 by a missile, injuring six volunteers, it added.

“For civilians still trapped in Yarmouk, life is an agonizing struggle for survival. After enduring a crippling two-year-long government-imposed siege, now they are pinned down by sniper fire, fearing for their lives, as shelling and aerial attacks escalate,” said Hassiba Hadj Sahraoui, Amnesty’s deputy Middle East and North Africa director.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.