Is Cursive Writing a Lost Art?

July 25, 2017 Updated: July 9, 2020

This is in reference to an article written by Ryan Moffatt in the Epoch Times, July 21-27, 2017. I have been aware for a while that cursive writing has been dropped from the curriculum in Ontario schools. I agree entirely with Mr. Moffatt that students should be efficient in handwriting. It is somewhat pathetic to watch a grown man or woman printing information instead of writing. This is something that should not be replaced with a keyboard of any kind.

I was very surprised when I noticed that my grandchildren did not know how to do cursive writing and then said “we don’t need to learn that in school anymore.” Is this a lost art? I think handwriting defines a person. As Mr. Moffatt states in his article, cursive writing style has its place and it would be a mistake to dismiss it entirely.

Surely, a half hour a day would not eat into kids’ computer and tablet sessions and would certainly make note-taking an easier task. Or has that disappeared also?

Concerned grandmother Eleanor Lowe
Kingston, Ont.

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