Is Critical Race Theory a Religion?

By The Reader's Turn
The Reader's Turn
The Reader's Turn
June 29, 2021 Updated: June 29, 2021

Critical race theory appears to be a religious-like activity that pits Black Victims against White Oppressors. It is an activity that has dogmatic positions, and dissent is not allowed. CRT also seems to largely benefit self-serving individuals seeking monetary reward and/or personal control.

This simplistic approach is both illogical and divisive. There are too many people of mixed race and more of other skin colors for color to be any standard. While my skin may be considered White, I do not consider myself a member of any particular “Tribe” defined by skin color. I am just a red-blooded American, a unique individual with my own beliefs and character. I also believe race relations have improved greatly over the years and will improve further when critical race theory disappears.

For example, many years ago, I found myself with two children from my first marriage and three from a remarriage. Then, I learned my first wife had had two “Black-appearing” sons (actually part-white, like so many who are considered Black). This was after our divorce, while she was the mistress of a wealthy black businessman, but he abandoned them.

We started picking up her two boys so they could spend time with their half-siblings. I will admit that at first, we encountered some biased people when we were in the town with our mixed-race clan, but nothing serious, and the situation improved over time. This arrangement lasted for several years until I changed employment and we moved out of state.

Another “White” family took over their care, and they flourished with encouragement and discipline, which I think is the key to the success of youth of any color. Unfortunately, one died young, but the other earned a master’s degree. After a career producing training videos for the USPS, he now owns eight rental homes; he is hardly a Black Victim of “White Oppression.” He and we consider him a member of our family, and he lives with us when he visits.

Our oldest son, a Navy veteran, married a Filipino, then taught in China for many years. Our half-son also taught briefly in China and married a Chinese lady. Our youngest son, retired USAF, married a Korean lady. Our oldest daughter married a part-Chickasaw native. Our middle daughter married a “White” Army veteran. Our youngest daughter married a Mexican.

Now I have a family with Brown, Yellow, Red, Black, and White skins. They are also “Color Blind,” and they now have children and grandchildren with skins of various colors, mostly beige, and I love them all. Over the years, I have met families with similar situations, albeit none so varied. I sincerely believe it will soon be impossible for CRT “educators” to promote their divisive race history when politicians realize most Americans, like me, will resist their attempts to control us just based on our skin color.

My advice: “Leave the past to historians. Stop trying to make innocent children into racial victims.”

Charles Odendhal


The Reader's Turn
The Reader's Turn