‘Iran Archeologists Discover 5 Meters Tall Human Skeletons’ is a Hoax

January 16, 2014 Updated: July 18, 2015

A “report” saying that 16-foot-tall skeletons were discovered by Russian archaeologists isn’t real.

The image of the man and giant skeleton used in the report has been dated back to 2009, and the image is used in “reports” with different premises and locations each time. Some claim the skeletons are from the “Nephilim” while others say they’re just giants. 

The article is from World News Daily Report, which publishes completely fake news, including “Bhutanese Nuclear Submarine Washed Ashore in Cuba.” Bhutan is a tiny landlocked country in Southeast Asia and has no military.

Another includes “Thailand: Snakegirl Attracts Crowds of Pilgrims and Tourists,” which shows a widely used Photostopped image of a girl with a snake’s body. And another says “Electric Wheelchair Breaks Speed of Sound.”

“Andrei Asimov, professor of archeology and paleoanthropology at the University of St-Petersburg and researcher in charge of the excavation site, explains that this discovery could explain many stories that were until now dismissed by historians as simply mythological,” the article about the giant skeletons reads.

No local or national media outlets reported on the skeletons.