iPhone 6S: How Fast Is the New Touch ID Fingerprint Sensor?

By Chris Smith
Chris Smith
Chris Smith
September 26, 2015 Updated: September 26, 2015

Apple said during its iPhone 6s presentation that the new phones will have an even faster Touch ID fingerprint sensor embedded in the Home button. This appeared to be an inconsequential detail, considering all the other major new features Apple introduced. But it turns out the Touch ID is a lot faster than its predecessor, which might further improve your overall iOS experience.

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Touch ID isn’t solely used for unlocking the iPhone anymore, as Apple is using fingerprint-based identification to secure Apple Pay mobile payments. Furthermore, Apple allowed developers last fall to take advantage of the Touch ID hardware, and a wide variety of apps and online services let you log in using your fingerprint.

Considering all these features, it’s not surprising why Apple would want to increase the speed of fingerprint readings on the iPhone 6s, especially since iOS 9 is supposed to stand for improved performance across iOS devices.

Apple isn’t saying how it actually improved the Touch ID sensor on the phone’s website, mentioning only that the sensor can detect fingerprints “even faster than the previous generation.”

The following video shows you the Touch ID improvements Apple briefly talked about on stage. And from the looks of it, Touch ID on the iPhone 6s phones will be even faster than on the iPhone 6, providing nearly instant responses. Furthermore, AppleInsider notes in the short video that the Home button seems to be slightly faster on the iPhone 6s than on the iPhone 6.

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Chris Smith