iPhone 6 Rumors: Release Date in Fall to Include $299 Phone With Contract, Analyst Says

March 14, 2014 Updated: July 18, 2015

The latest iPhone 6 rumors say that the upcoming phone will be released in the fall and only cost $299 with a contract.

Andy Hargreaves at Pacific Crest says that Apple will likely only release one version of the iPhone 6, instead of the two versions that some are predicting. It will be 4.7 inches, he said in a research note. 

“We believe Apple can sell a 4.7″ iPhone at a subsidized price of $299, which should generate incremental gross profit on replacement sales and attract new customers that had previously purchased Android phones specifically for a larger screen,” he wrote.

“If 35% of iPhone customers choose a larger iPhone when they upgrade and Apple is able to capture 10% of the large-format Android market, we estimate it could add $4.00 to our fiscal 2015 earnings per share estimate.”

iphone replacements

Jeffries analyst Peter Misek added in another research note that the iPhone 6 will be “a significant product cycle as it will fill Apple’s ‘~5-inch’ product gap.”

“Our checks also indicate that initial Samsung GS5 monthly builds will be below initial GS4 builds, but the overall unit target for GS5’s lifetime is the same as the GS4. We believe the combination of pent-up demand for a larger iPhone and possibly less intense competition from Samsung bodes well for the iPhone 6 launch.”

Wedge Partners analyst Brian Blair believes that the stock of Apple should go up over the next year and says it’s worth a buy. 

“This gap between what is actually happening at Apple and investor sentiment is providing an opportunity for investors,” he wrote. “We believe this opportunity should be taken advantage of before Apple’s next array of products hit the market, though the best time to own the stock may be in April after we get the March quarter/June guide behind us.” 

Blair believes the iPhone 6 will have be 4.8 inches and come out this fall.

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