iPhone 6 Rumors: Release Date and Facial Recognition Technology

December 5, 2013 Updated: July 18, 2015

The iPhone 6 rumors are in full force, especially regarding when the release date will be and whether there will be facial recognition technology. 

Jefferies analyst Peter Misek believes the release date will be in June 2014.

The wait is necessary, he told the Financial Post, because the supply chain is currently producing the iPhone 5’s. To switch to another device will take at least several months.

Misek also said that new colors, a faster processor, and a better camera will be among the improvements featured in the upcoming iPhone iteration.

The company may also introduce a mobile payment platform, which could involve fingerprint authentication.

In a related piece of news, Apple Insider obtained a patent that was awarded to Apple for “Personal computing device control using face detection and recognition.”

The patent appears to be for the iPhone 6, and would beef up security amid the growing number of smartphone thefts.

Face detection means locating faces within an image, while face recognition “goes deeper by pairing those faces with a particular person or user,” Apple Insiders says. “Typically, facial recognition follows detection,” it added.

Detection usually means a defined area where the smartphone owner is expected to appear, while recognition includes using parts that can be identified, such as  the distance between the eyes, to confirm a user’s identity. 

An example: “During an incoming phone call, an iPhone may be able to “sense” that someone is looking at the device’s screen. If the person is not an authorized user, the iPhone’s screen remains off and only a ringtone or vibration alert is provided. If the person is an authorized user, the usual incoming call UI is displayed.”

In another set of predictions, ipack3d.com uses a series of interesting renderings to posit that the home screen may be moved to the side of the phone to allow more screen space.

The site also says that Apple could develop three differently-sized versions of the iPhone 6, much like its lines or iPods and iPads.

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