iPhone 6 Release Date Rumors: 5.5-inch iPhone Might Have 128GB Storage, Claim Reports Out of China

 The iPhone 6, slated to come out in September, rumors keep coming out of Asia, with a new one saying the next-generation 5.5-inch version of smarthpone will be 128GB.

According to Apple Insider, the larger model will be the only variant with 128GB included. The smaller, 4.7-inch version will be 64GB.

Another rumor from a Chinese website claims the phone will be released Sept. 19. The rumor was posted on Tencent, which claimed the phone would launch in 32GB and 64GB capacities and would about $850 and $1,000, respectively.

NDTV, citing Chinese blog Feng, also reported the iPhone 6 might not include a 16GB option. The smallest storage size would be 32GB.

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo also suggested the phone would have OIS (optical image stabilisation) for the rear camera.

The 5.5- and 4.7-inch models will also be launched on the same day, said another rumor, according to The Mirror. It was rumored that the larger variant would not come out until a few weeks after the smaller one.

And last week, it was reported that iPhone 6 production will start next month. Suppliers inside China will begin mass production of the next-gen phones, with Apple getting ready for the annual unveiling of the new models.

“Apple is getting ready for its annual unveiling of new iPhones after rivals including Samsung Electronics Co. and HTC Corp. released smartphones with displays that are as large as 5.7 inches. Consumers have been gravitating toward larger-screen devices — in China, 40 percent of mobile gadgets based on Google Inc.’s Android operating system that were sold in 2014 had display sizes of more than 5 inches, according to an estimate from Forrester Research,” reads a report from Bloomberg.

Foxconn, the main component manufacturer for Apple, reportedly is hiring 100,000 more workers to help with production.

The new phones will likely feature the Apple A8 processor, new sleep/wake buttons, thinner profiles, and the iOS 8.