Iowa Man Starts Car to Warm it Up on Cold Morning, Comes Back to Find it Missing

January 5, 2018 Updated: January 5, 2018

A man warming up his car in Des Moines, Iowa, on a cold morning got a chilling surprise when he came out a little while later to find only the cold pavement where his car had been.

On Wednesday, Jan. 3, Byron Jarrett was getting ready to take his kids to school when he told his son to start his silver Kia to warm it up.

His son put the keys in the ignition, started it up, and went back inside.

Before long, “the kids [were] saying ‘Hey, the Kia is gone.” So I was like, “Quit playing.” So I walked out and the car was gone,” Jarrett told KCCI Des Moines.

One of Jarrett ’s sons took his siblings to school while Jarrett went out in another vehicle he had.

“I’m a single dad, I have six kids, so losing a vehicle is pretty hard right now,” he said.

He didn’t find it, but resumed the search after school with his kids.

“We were heading south on 9th street nearby DMACC, and my middle son Booker Jarrett said ‘Hey, I think that’s the Kia over there in the parking lot,” Jarrett recalled.

Not only did he find the car, but they found another stolen vehicle, a Jeep, in the same parking lot and some stolen packages.

He also found who he believes were the perpetrators: “Four little kids, ages 13 through 15 as they say,” he told KCCI.

Jarrett, who is the CEO and president of Innovative Counseling and Consulting, Inc. for youth, held the teens until police got there.

He took a picture of the four suspects on the ground with him standing over them with a little pink baseball bat in his hand that belonged to his daughter when she played T-ball.

“They used to call me crazy Joe but you can call me Batman!” he said in a Facebook post accompanying the photos.

“Guess who found 4 little car thieves with his car and another black jeep stolen this morning swapping stolen porch gifts from car to car.”

“You know I’m trying to talk to them, talk some sense into them. They’re trying to be a little sarcastic, giving me a little mouth, but I gave them a little mouth right back,” he told KCCI.

He said he decided not to press charges, but hopes they come to his company for counseling.

“We don’t believe those kids are throwaway material, we believe they’re salvageable, so I’d like to see all four of those young men and their families come down and see us and maybe get involved with some services.”

Innovative Counseling and Consulting’s mission statement says they “put people first; supporting them through the achievement of goals and the development of relationships within their community. We plan to do this through the concept of, ‘Doing the Right Thing,’ without excuse.”

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