iOS 7: Play N64, PlayStation, Sega, Nintendo DS, GBA, SNES, NES Games – No Jailbreak Needed

January 20, 2014 Updated: July 18, 2015

iOS 7 users can now play the following games on their iPhones:

-Atari 2600
-PlayStation 1
-Sega Genesis
-Sega Game Gear
-Sega CD
-Sega 32X
-Virtual Boy
-Game Boy/Game Boy Color
-Game Boy Advance
-Neo Geo Pocket/Color
-Nintendo (NES)
-Nintendo 64
-Nintendo DS
-Super Nintendo (SNES)

Users can do this in two ways. The first method does not require a jailbreak but does require some adjusting of the date in Settings. The second method requires a jailbreak and does not require any Settings adjustments. Both instructions are below:

The first method requires users to change the Date in Settings > General > Date & Time to July 15, 2012. Then, on your iPhone, go to and install RetroArch. Once it is finished, launch the app. Then, it is important to change your date back to the correct date. Now you have an all-in-one emulator that will play all of the above games. Download ROMS from and play them on Retro Arch.

The second method is easy. Simply download RetroArch from Cydia. And that’s it. You’re done.

Happy gaming!


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