iOS 7 Jailbreak Tweaks: Must-Haves

January 17, 2014 Updated: February 21, 2014

The iOS 7 jailbreak has been out for a few weeks now. If you need instructions on how to jailbreak your device, please follow this link

Many of the tweaks are now compatible with iOS 7 and with the 64-bit devices (iPhone 5S, iPad Air, iPad Mini Retina). The best list of compatible tweaks we’ve found is here. We’ve gathered what we think are the most useful, must-have jailbreak tweaks and compiled them into this list, which is in no particular order:

CCSettings – this allows customization of the control center and gives the user many options. (see iOS 7 Jailbreak Tweaks: Must-Haves (Part II))

Cleaner – this nice app clears unnecessary processes which are running in order to free up memory on your device.

f.lux – this tweak changes the color gradient of the screen to match with the time of day. For example, in the daytime, the screen shines like sunlight, but during the night, it makes the screen a warmer, softer color which is easier on the eyes and could help with falling asleep. Once you try this tweak, you’re sure to love it.

iFile – this app is great if you want to access all the files on your iPhone in a OS X “Finder” or Windows Explorer-type way.

NowNow – replaces Siri with Google Now, which many find preferable.

WiFi Passwords – shows all your WiFi passwords, which is very useful in case you want to connect to your WiFi network on another device and have forgotten your password.

iKeyWi – adds another row of keys on your keyboard which can be customized.

Browser Changer – allows you to change the default browser from Safari to the browser of your choice, like Chrome.

3G Unrestrictor – allows you to use apps that normally require WiFi over your cellular connection.

iGotYa – like FindMyiPhone but better – this tweak tracks the location of your found, hides access to all your files, and emails you a picture of the person who took your phone

All of these are compatible with 64-bit devices.

Please let us know in the comments below any must-have tweaks that you think should be on this list!


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