Jailbreak iOS 7: iOS 7.1.1 Not Jailbroken Yet; New Cydia Update; Is evad3rs Waiting for iOS 8 to Release Now?

The iOS 7 jailbreak for iOS 7.1.1 still hasn’t come out yet, with hackers feverishly working to crack Apple’s code.

However, Cydia has been improved by the evad3rs team recently, according to Gotta be Mobile. This only works for iOS 7.0.6 and older.

The changes make the app “easier and faster to use, with new features, a better-organized user interface, bug fixes, an iOS 7 styled icon, translations for additional languages, and more,” according to an update.

“It’s easier and faster to work with sources, and Cydia can handle larger numbers of sources and packages,” says Cydia on its Facebook. “Your Sources list is its own tab on the tab bar, for fast access. This tab also gives you a new option for browsing packages: you can tap a source and see a list of all the sections (categories) within that source. You can look at what your favorite source offers for your favorite type of package.”

It adds: “The Sources tab also tells you what’s happening when Cydia refreshes package information from your sources: it shows a loading indicator next to each individual source (instead of the old black drop-bar). This way, you’ll know if one of your sources is loading very slowly. (And Cydia is now better at fetching data from multiple sources at once.)”

The update notes the app is also better integrated and “more functional” for a larger variety of “people and services.”

“Cydia no longer has the limitation that caused the error message that says ‘Wow, you exceeded the number of package names this APT is capable of.’ (If you have this error message in your old version, remove some sources you’ve added, which will resolve the error and allow you to update Cydia.),” it says.