iOS 7.0.6 Jailbreak: How To and Why You Should

By Cody Scholberg, Epoch Times
February 24, 2014 Updated: July 18, 2015

iOS 7.0.6 has been released, and, unlike iOS 7.0.5, this update fixes a critical security issue.

It is recommended that everybody update to iOS 7.0.6 – even jailbroken users – for iOS 7.0.6 can be jailbroken with the new evasi0n jailbreak.

If you don’t, you might become victim to somebody snooping in on everything you do on your phone.

So, how do you update to iOS 7.0.6 and jailbreak it?  The same as you did the first time: back your phone up to iTunes, do a complete restore, then follow the instructions in the evasi0n software.

Yes, it’s a pain, but it’s a major security update. You don’t want to miss this one.

For those of you who absolutely insist on being lazy and not upgrading, there is another option available.

There is a patch called “SSL Patch” available on Cydia in the source – which you’ll have to add under Manage > Sources if you don’t have it already. This patch protects you most of the time. But, be sure to know that you really are best off going through the backup, restore, and re-jailbreaking process.

If you want to save all your tweaks and settings, you can use the jailbreak app PKGBackup to do this.