Into the Maelstrom

The left have crossed the line of right and wrong
October 4, 2018 Updated: October 4, 2018


Exploring the E word (evil) isn’t fun. It’s serious business.

Unfortunately, the left long ago crossed the line into that realm, and does so almost daily. They have purposely blurred the lines of right and wrong. Let’s face it, with their newfound belief that it’s not possible to do or say anything wrong in the age of Trump, we live in the ugliest of times.

The left delivered themselves to the maelstrom well over a decade ago, and we are reaping their psychoses. My new premise: They’re not just over the top, unhinged, wrong, and simply opposing us as so many of the center-right commentators complain about. No, they are actively, and purposefully, crossing long-established lines of right and wrong in order to get their way, in order to gain and preserve their power base.

It’s become clear the left, like an out of control drug addict, has hooked itself on crossing those lines. Like addicts, they need their daily dose of being more outrageous, more bellicose, more devious, and more destructive in concocting their evil brew. It’s an acquired taste, but one they seem to relish. In the past two years, President Donald Trump has taken the brunt of that line being crossed. But clearly, they are after everyone on the center-right. All of us.

Stepping Into Darkness

If you are skeptical, look no further than the attempted destruction of Judge Brett Kavanaugh. The Democratic Party, now the hard left, demonstrated to the world just how far over the line they would go to secure power. The world watched as they tried to destroy a man and his family with smear, innuendo, and downright lies. It was a despicable display of coordinated monstrousness on their part.

Leftist senators willingly submitted to wrongdoing on that committee, and like most hard-drug users, simply couldn’t stop. The left has gained and wielded power using any means over the past decades. Its addiction was on full display during the hearings. Thank goodness Trump has the strength and the capacity to handle what they’ve thrown at him. Nobody else I know could have.

For many on the left, that first step into darkness was innocent. They wanted the power to change things and right wrongs. As they began to win, they began crossing more and more lines of decorum in order to continue winning. They became willing to do so by any means. Lying, cheating, demonizing opponents, breaking the rules—all of these were OK. Power über alles.

I first heard the argument about the ends justifying the means in elementary school. (Imagine that—something worthwhile being taught by our education system.) The teacher explained the central wrong with Soviet Marxism. She said they believed in their system so much that they would do anything to win—lie, cheat, steal, plant gossip, enslave people, or go to war—rather than entertain another point of view.

Her synopsis: Marxist/socialist ideas were so awful that they allowed followers to do anything wrong to fulfill their goals.


This is exactly where the left and the leaders of the Democratic Party have gone. They decided that their ends—political power and control—justify their means.

Line Crossing

Politics has always been a rough and tumble sport; all sides have gone over the top, skirting the line in order to win. But the left has crossed the line of wrongdoing, consistently pushing the envelope in order to regain and keep power.

Their newly minted vileness has not been seen here in our lifetime, meaning the consistent lying, the consistent demonization of anyone who disagrees, the constant belligerence, the constant outrage, and the constant tearing down of everything good and decent in the name of their power continues apace daily.

Here is a reminder of a few other recent leftist events of line crossing: political commentator Candace Owens and activist Charlie Kirk were assaulted and harassed by Antifa thugs. Antifa thugs continually assault people they disagree with, without much fear. Democratic Rep. Maxine Waters, like Antifa and the rest of the left, have doubled down on calls to harass anyone who supports Trump in any way. People have been harassed at restaurants for just living their lives. Sure, ruin their lives, they deserve it. Because Trump.

The Democratic Party has moved closer to full, unrepentant socialism.

The ongoing revelations of how Obama administration Department of Justice and FBI officials attempted to illegally sway an election have been sickening. Former FBI agent Peter Strzok, Department of Justice official Bruce Ohr, former FBI Director James Comey, founder of research firm Fusion GPS Glenn Simpson, and former CIA Director John Brennan have shown us how much lying, cheating, and wrongdoing can be done in the service of illicit goals.

Another example is the Paul Manafort trial and plea, all while no one on the left, having done far worse, is punished. The discovery that there is one justice system for leftists, and another for everyone else, is disconcerting at best.

Then there’s the Michael Cohen plea. He gets investigated concerning lies from the dossier, hung out by the special counsel, threatened, and turned, then cops a plea for something that’s not a crime. His lawyer is now the ex-Clinton consigliere Lanny Davis. He’s pleading in front of a Clinton-appointed judge. Part of his plea was apparently Cohen saying in court, “Trump asked me to pay the money.” Therefore, the media could go on another week-long tear about how Trump is illegitimate and needs to be impeached.

Think about that for a while.

I could make a list 10 pages long. They’re that bad.

Engage and Vote

I’m not saying all on the left are evil. Perhaps fooled by awful leaders, and terrible ideas, their voters have an affinity to a party that no longer exists, to a party that became what it supposedly fought. Their leaders, however, know what they are doing. They make up reasons to insult and brand normal people and their actions as Nazi-like. The whole time they themselves cross the line of decent conduct every day. It’s called projection, at its finest. “Deplorables.” “Bitter clingers.”

In combating this evil—and yes, that’s what it is—we need to engage. Intensely. A group that wants power over all, a group that is willing to consistently lie, cheat, be seditious, and try to undermine and destroy a culture so they can feast on the spoils, has to be defeated. One that is wittingly, or unwittingly, promoting evil needs to be confronted.

And I don’t mean like Auntie Maxine and the left are doing. We don’t need to go there. Yet.

We simply need to defeat them.

It’s important to debate them. Convincingly. Crushingly. Calmly. Passionately. Candace Owens is an example. Show up when you can to take on the left’s talking points. Do not let them get away with their slander, nor their disinformation. Stand up when necessary, to the best of your ability. The failure of today’s media to contain its own attachment to leftist bias, lies, and wrongdoing has opened a huge void of truth to be filled.

It’s up to us to fill that void. Simply put, we need to do what we can to remove the cancer of the left from our country.

Before we come to a second civil war, we can humiliate them by voting them out.

It’s the ultimate turn of the old quote, “The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.” Good men and women are fighting to overcome evil, because, like the story of Gideon, the stakes are known.

Vote them out.

In November, take away their hope of regaining anything. Because if we succeed in doing that after all this baloney we’ve had to endure, they will have to slink back to the holes they came from for a long time.

Sen. Lindsey Graham’s spontaneous anger at what the Democrats did may be the best thing he’s done in his whole life. His now viral quote toward the Democratic Party needs to be our rallying cry: “Boy, you want power. God, I hope you never get it.” The full video of his takedown is here:

It’s righteous anger they need to feel. Full-blown rejection. Make them go hide under the rocks they came from. Throw them out. Work to stop them. From now until November.

Don’t stop until they are powerless and humiliated for decades.

They must be defeated.

Commence with the red wave.

David Prentice is a writer and novelist from the Midwest.  His articles have appeared in the American Thinker.

Views expressed in this article are the opinions of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of The Epoch Times.