Interview with Gao Zhisheng: The Spies are Angry

By Gao Ling, Epoch Times
May 15, 2006 Updated: May 15, 2006

Attorney Gao's trip to Xian city and Sichuan Province caused great concern for the Communist regime. It was as if they were facing a most formidable enemy. When he was forced back to Beijing, the spies watched him more covertly than they usually do. But attorney Gao said, “Will they give me an easy time? Of course not!” As he expected, everyday confrontations between the spies and Attorney Gao – public or private, relaxed or tense, are still continuing.

“How Could You Survive for Half a Year?”

Early in the morning on May 8, Gao went to Kentucky Fried Chicken for breakfast. Spies sat around watching every move attorney Gao made. When Gao got up to go to the restroom, a male spy followed him and the female spy guarded outside the restroom. Outside Kentucky Fried Chicken, there were another group of spies watching him from their cars.

Gao said, “From their expressions, they really scrutinized me as if I had supernormal abilities and would fly away at any moment. I also discovered that the spies come from two different departments. They greet each other, but carry out different tasks.”

After leaving Kentucky Fried Chicken, while Gao was walking down the street three spies surrounded Gao and kept stepping on his heels. When Gao questioned them, they started to verbally abuse him, thereby attracting a lot of attention from people passing by.

Gao asked them, “Why do you hate me so much? Why are doing this filthy job?” A spy replied in anger, “You, son of a [deleted]! Damn it! How could you survive for half a year?”

Gao replied, “I think you have never considered tomorrow. The end of the Communist regime is inevitable. Judging from you actions, I know that not only the regime will ultimately collapse, but also that it will rapidly collapse. The regime has no future; do you want to throw away your future as well?”

When the reporter asked Gao why the regime started to give him trouble again Gao replied, “This is a common when dealing with the communist regime. It will not give you an easy time. They don't want to see me in a good mood or be relaxed. Recently, I took a tourist trip and when I came back, I slipped back to my normal life – to do exercise every morning. Of course, the communist regime became uncomfortable. They wanted to see me under pressure, just like last time when Mr. Ma Wendu was kidnapped, the police scolded him, 'Damn you! You can still lead a jolly good life!'”

How could you survive for half a year!” That shows the spies' anger.

Never Give In to the Communist Regime

Our reporter asked, “Did you think that the spies are achieving the goals set by their superiors?”

“No,” Gao answered, “but they are very annoying. In their eyes, one simply cannot have any dignity left when they do their shameless deeds. On many occasions, they try and play with me as if I am an animal. They can be shameless and dirty, but I still will retain my dignity.”

Gao continued, “If they go too far, I will take a trip again. I'd rather stay in the car and be tormented by them in the car.”

“What would you do if they put you under house arrest?” the reporter asked.

Gao replied without hesitation, “I will stay downstairs with my baggage and start an endless hunger strike!”

Precisely Controlled Surveillance

Although the spies follow Gao publicly and very often in unscrupulous manner, Gao also discovered that these spies know very well to use different tactics depending on different circumstances.

On May 10, the spies and Gao were waiting together for French embassy Officials in a restaurant. Just 10 minutes before the appointment time, all spies left their “prey” and disappeared into the surroundings.

On May 11, the very same thing happened again when Gao was going to meet with officials from the U.S. embassy. Just before the appointment time, all the spies retreated 300 meters away. It was difficult for an ordinary person to distinguish that there were still so many spies following him.

Attorney commented: “You can imagine how clearly they knew who I was going to meet!”

However, when it came to meeting a Spanish reporter, the treatment was totally different. On that day, there were eight cars tailing behind Gao. The reporter was shocked by the scene and commented: “I have handled sensitive cases in China for three years. But this is first time I've seen this. Incredible! You are not just a normal dissident in the eyes of the Communist regime, you are a very strong dangerous person.”