Interview with Gao Zhisheng Before His Arrest

August 22, 2006 12:00 am Last Updated: August 22, 2006 12:00 am

Attorney Gao Zhisheng was arrested in Shandong on August 15 and has not been released as of this date. Two days before Gao's arrest, the Epoch Times interviewed him regarding what officials and the public see happening in Chinese politics.

The following is a summary of the interview.

The End Is Coming for the CCP

Recently, many people within the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) system made contact with Gao and his friends through their friends. Gao has discovered situations that he was unaware of before; people within the CCP system have also lost faith in President Hu Jintao and Premiere Wen Jiabao being able to bring a peaceful transition out of communism.

Many friends tell Gao that Hu and Wen have already lost control of Chinese society. Although one can see they are treated like gods wherever they go, this only shows how cunning the local authorities are. They hold the attitude that “whenever Hu and Wen come, we treat them as gods, but we won't accept any instruction that has any real impact on our local authority.”

Regarding the recent publication of Jiang Zemin's so-called “Literary Selections”, Gao said that at least Hu and Wen were able to stop the media from reporting Jiang's inspection trips in the first half of the year. However, the publication of his so-called “Literary Selections” indicates that Hu and Wen are still in an inferior position in their power struggle with Jiang.

Gao described China's current situation as a large unstable barrel of gunpowder. When Gao was in Shanxi, some farmers bluntly told him: “We are not short of gunpowder, but short of a fuse.” Gao said many officials also see greater pressure building among the people because of the current system. The officials told Gao that no official in the current system expects to be respected by the people. There are indeed many talented people inside the CCP system that are very capable, wise and skillful. They also want to realize their potential, however, what the current system needs is not their ability but their obedience as slaves. In such a situation, many of them expect the end of the system. But it is also complicated because their interests are at stake.

Gao also gave an example to support this opinion. Two Chinese scholars, He Weifang and Mao Yishi, who support political reform, communicated with officials from the Legislative Affairs Office of the State Council and the National Committee for Legal System Reform. Officials from these two departments also thought that the current system in China is too unreasonable and that it is no longer up to Hu and Wen to decide whether to steer into a political reform — other major changes will occur in China.

Losing Control of the Media

Gao told the reporter that he saw some signs that the CCP is beginning to lose control over the media.

“Yesterday (August 12), I saw a rare scene on TV. The anchorman on Channel 12 commented on a news piece about a County Party Secretary who posted a notice declaring that people are not allowed to buy and sell official positions under his authority. The anchorman said that such a notice from a County Party Secretary was definitely inadequate to stop the trading of official positions in today's China. Clearly, a scientific, democratic and civilized legal system is needed.” Gao said.

Gao also stated that not long ago, it would have been impossible to witness such a comment on TV. It does not mean that Hu and Wen want to pass a subtle message [via the news] to the people, it is because they can no longer control society. The people are now voicing their own opinion.