Integrity in Journalism

August 2, 2020 Updated: August 14, 2020

Finally, an unbiased newspaper that I can read and make my own decisions about current events based on being well informed. Although I read each paper from page a1 to the end digitally, I always look forward to getting my printed copy to share with my friends. After I began receiving the Epoch Times, I am more confident in my arguments whether they be political or about any current events.

The same officials who praise the rioters and looters for getting out and expressing themselves are the same people who want to stop the upcoming Trump rallies because of Covid-19. The hypocrisies in the media are just unbelievable!

I hope that rally planners are cautious of the CCP and the deep state infiltrating them and other conservative events with the spread of COVID-19. I am waiting for the rallies to come back to Southwestern Ohio.

Thanks again for the truth in journalism!


Tim Dever



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