Instagram Marketing: How to Create Awesome Videos for Instagram

February 11, 2015 Updated: April 23, 2016

Instagram has previously been a platform based almost entirely around images. But videos are becoming an increasingly important part of interaction on the network, and it is now one of the most viewed forms of content there. Marketers are taking advantage of this fact by creating their own high quality video clips to improve their visibility.

For example, ice cream superheroes Ben & Jerry’s have used Instagram to make clips that directly connect to viewer’s taste buds. Showing the production of their product in an appetizing way, there is no chance you could see one and not want to pick up a pint.

General Electric targets their specific audience by creating videos meant to excite others in their industry. Behind the scenes looks at major industrial inventions, such as engines and factory machines, draw the attention of others who are working in the field. It is also pretty interesting for those that aren’t within the industry, but have a curiosity about engineering and manufacturing.

Anyone can use Instagram for business and for their own video marketing. But you should do it the right way. Here are some tips for creating awesome videos for this unique visual network.

Aim To Create A Recognizable Image

The first rule of branding is to be recognizable. Not only as people watch, but immediately. That is why advertising campaigns try and find a gimmick to exploit, sometimes for years. Slogans, catch phrases, characters, or even just the overall look of a video can give you a solid foundation for a marketing strategy that will give you a serious boost.

When you are making your videos, try to be consistent. Make your clips recognizable in tone and image from the very beginning.

Keep It High Quality

You should know the difference between real low quality, and high quality masquerading as low quality. With every video, you are producing something that gives the viewer some kind of benefit. Maybe it is information, or entertainment, or confusion. Whatever the case, it should be done well, even if you are looking to keep production values at a minimum for realism (as one example of a tactic you sometimes see on the web).

Know Who You Are Making Them For

In the case of GE above, they knew exactly who they were looking to attract with their videos. Having a specific audience in mind, and then catering to that audience, is a crucial part of any marketing tactic. Casting your net too wide will always lead to a failure to catch the attention you are seeking. That is even more true when talking about visual content.

Do your research, and find out what your demographic is into. What do they respond best to? What will they probably want to share?

Take Advantage Of Editing Tools

A simple filter can improve your video’s look ten-fold, without any effort on your part. Take advantage of the many editing tools out there, including the ones that are already at your fingertips. If you don’t have a lot of experience in video editing, try the easiest method. Take videos on, say, your iPhone, and then use an editing app to enhance it and make changes.

Sound too simple? Believe it or not, a lot of the videos you are seeing on Instagram these days are doing just that. Do you really think a 14-year-old with hundreds of thousands of views per video is using state of the art equipment? Of course not, and you don’t have to, either.

The fact of the matter is that times have changed, and consumer technology has given us access to video and editing capabilities that were unheard of a decade ago. Use them.

Use Professional Elements

Just because you are using a smartphone and app to put together your videos doesn’t mean you should be sloppy about it. Professional elements should still be included as much as possible. Transitions are a big one that everyone should have; a transition between shots can take an amateur video to a professional one in a single step.

You should also make sure your camera work is steady. Take care with your audio and make sure it is easy to make out. Don’t fail to show things that will help explain the context of your clip. If something seems too complicated, make it simpler and try again. Don’t rely on the first take. All of these tips are ways to make sure your video has a professional air that will improve the results.

Make Yourself A Part Of The Community

This is not a tip for the production of the video itself, but it can ensure that more people see it. Instagram is a community, and you should use it with that in mind. Comment on people’s videos, get to know others that have similar videos to your own, share them. You can even try and create videos with some of these people, once you get to know them.

People who take part in actual engagement on a social network will always get more out of it than those who just dump their content on it and let it do its own thing. Besides, if you interact with others on Instagram, they will be more likely to visit your profile, and possibly follow it.

Find All Your Sources for Content Inspiration

Your office, your team, your content you publish on the site: There are many things you can use for Instagram content inspiration. Here’s a good infographic from First Site Guide on different forms of content you can use for Instagram:

Content types


Instagram is a great tool. Videos are a great tool. Put them together, and you have a possible combination that can launch your marketing campaign in a way you never dreamed of. You just have to know how to properly utilize both, and it all starts by creating something worth watching.

Do you have any tips for making great videos? What about using Instagram? We would love to hear from you, so let us know in the comments.

Image source: Instagram