Amazing Weight Loss Transformation Shocks Viewers

April 19, 2019 Updated: April 19, 2019

This woman’s transformation is extraordinary, but even more so is her inspirational story and weight loss journey that is all captured on video. After years of trying, and failing, to get pregnant because of her weight, this woman knew she had to make some lifestyle changes to lose excess weight in hope of becoming pregnant.

She weighted 290 pounds at the time she got gastric bypass to help her achieve her weight loss goals. With newfound motivation post-surgery, she started dancing to lose weight.

In the time-lapse video, watch her dance at various stages of her weight loss journey in an effort to lose weight. After 33 weeks post-surgery, she reaches her goal of losing 154 pounds. It is a remarkable achievement that has stunned viewers from around the world, but that is only the beginning!

Today, she weighs even less at 133 pounds and her story continues. She has been an inspiration for weight loss through dancing which has motivated people. In her viral videos, she tries on all her old clothes in layers to show viewers just how amazing the transformation is. The results are remarkable and nearly impossible to believe, yet they showcase the power of perseverance and sticking to one’s goals.

Check out the amazing results for yourself!

Credit: Newsflare