Insane Domino Tricks

By Cindy Drukier, Epoch Times
December 3, 2013 Updated: July 18, 2015

Two of the most inventive domino artists out there—known by the YouTube names Hevesh5 and Millionendollarboy—have released their latest creation. A series of tricks that took them three months to build and involves 20,000 – 25,000 dominoes.

The video is edited to look like one continuous set up, called a “screenlink,” but each trick is in fact independent. So independent, that they were created in two difference countries. The first half of tricks were done by Hevesh5 in the United States, and the second half (at the 1:35 mark) are by Millionendollarboy in Germany.         

Hevesh5 writes on his profile that he started domino building in 2009 after he searched “dominoes” on YouTube. “I try to post videos every 2 weeks, but as you can probably tell, these take a while to make,” he says.

Some of Millionendollarboy’s posted personal bests include: 

Biggest field: 14,000 Dominos
Biggest wall: 62 stories
Toppling dominos: 50,000 Dominos
Biggest spiral: 160 meters (525 feet)
Biggest Domino Pyramid: 25×25
Longest Dominowall: 4 meter (13.1 feet)