Insane Asylum

How globalism, multilateralism, and socialism created an asylum crisis and migration problem throughout the West
April 11, 2019 Updated: April 17, 2019


In a post-9/11 Western world dominated by the growth of globalism, multilateral trade, socialism, and a push toward a “New World Order,” we’ve witnessed the rise of aristocratic elitism at the expense of middle-class taxpayers. At the same time, we’ve seen unprecedented numbers of exploitable asylum seekers, refugees, and migrants fleeing their homelands for a better life in the West.

High taxation, misguided multilateral trade deals, and excessive regulations disguised as climate-change initiatives brought about corporate inversions, and a subsequent escalation of manufacturing jobs moving away from Western workers toward emerging slave labor camps in developing countries.

It’s a fact that socialism cannot thrive with a vibrant, independent, working middle class.

Naturally, asylum seekers will always choose a free-market democratic society over slave labor markets and tyrannical socialist governments.

A ‘Clever’ Plan

The socialist and globalist agenda is to crush a vibrant, independent-minded, autonomous, free-thinking middle class while at the same time increasing the level of exploitable asylum seekers desperate to escape tyrannical slave labor markets.

Why aren’t they incorporating safe zones or administering other efforts to help failing countries in lieu of Western migration? Because that kind of humanitarian relief cannot be converted into votes.

If you take from Peter to pay Paul, you can always depend on Paul’s support.

Liberals who support globalism and socialism seek to increase the number of government-dependent voters by offering free stuff to illegal migrants and asylum seekers.

This is why we see New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo promising free education to illegals, Mayor Bill de Blasio offering free health care to 300,000 illegals living in the New York City area, California Gov. Gavin Newsom offering sanctuary for all illegals coupled with ID cards that make illegal voting easier, and Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel promising sanctuary and a shiny new “Chicago CityKey” ID card.

Then-President Barack Obama called this “redistribution of wealth.” Who is paying for all these freebies? It’s always the working middle class who make the biggest sacrifice. The powerful elite always find a way to protect their assets.

Many have speculated that it appeared that the refugees and migrants fleeing endless conflicts in their Middle Eastern homelands for a better life in the West were merely a Trojan Horse caliphate disguised as victims of mindless Western geopolitics. It certainly looked that way. After all, it appeared as though there was a sea of fighting-age males dominating the migration flow.

What if the refugee crisis was instead just a cover for a sinister scheme by globalists—who caused this problem in the first place—to wave their social welfare policies around like carrots and gold, or Pavlov’s tender morsels, to entice fighting-age males to leave their homes defenseless?

Once the fighting-age males leave, who will be left to defend their oil, minerals, and gold?

Perhaps the West looks at this trade as a “twofer,” which enables them to simultaneously implement a socialist state of aristocrats and dependents, and expand their empires without ever firing a shot.

The radical, free-love, peace hippies from the sixties who now run the world may look at themselves as clever, strategizing what they perceive as a more peaceful solution than a traditional Vietnam-type conflict.

The Left Knows Best

Globalist liberals who champion presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke’s open-border strategy would disagree with a Trump-style border security strategy to end the insanity.

For example, New York University researcher Michael A. Clemens concluded that we’re currently leaving “trillion-dollar bills on the sidewalk” by restricting emigration.

Another researcher, Rutger Bregman, has said, “If all the developed countries would let in just 3 percent more immigrants, the world’s poor would have $305 billion more to spend,” citing a 2007 study by the World Bank.

The problem with Clemens’ and Bregman’s ideas is that they don’t account for corruption and rely on utopian-like circumstances.

If the studies are true—that increased migration is economically a good idea—then why do power elites use deception by tactically using humanitarian concerns, and tell us lies that walls don’t work, or that drones are the answer despite their inability to fly in bad weather?

Globalists, socialists, and leftists orchestrate their scheme to exploit a dependent class of migrants for their votes, no matter what the suffering migrants go through in the process. Their quest for power masquerades as humanity, and the bill is always extorted from the common working taxpayer.

Why do so many Western liberals blame “Western geopolitics” for the refugee migration and asylum problem? Blaming themselves gives them license to “fix” the problem and right the wrong they are responsible for. The solution is always some form of wealth redistribution—and, like with climate initiatives, the middle class always pays.

Certainly, there’s a better way. Moving the world’s poor around the globe like chess pieces, as researchers would suggest, is not the answer.

There’s a reason why the left rejected “Safe Zones” in the Middle East, and have no interest in expanding the use of local consulates and embassies in countries where asylum seekers migrate from.

Of course, the solutions to these worldly problems are answered at the ballot box, and elections have consequences.

The choice is clear.

The most honest answer to our migration crisis doesn’t think, breathe, lie, and cannot exploit anyone. The most tried and true way to end mass illegal migration, whether it be from refugees or asylum seekers, is a wall—and precedence proves with certainty that walls work when supplemented by common sense immigration policies passed by Congress that also effectively fund necessary technology and dedicated personnel.

Globalism is failing, and the world is changing. We are at a global crossroads with Brexit in the UK, the Yellow Vests in France, a crisis of socialism in Venezuela, a hope for peace in a nuclear-free North Korea, fair trade with China, and a reset of the United States’ corrupt deep-state government.

It’s time we try harder to seek truth and justice in this world, reject the fake news media, and support a more conservative approach to address the world’s problems created by globalism, rigged multilateral trade, and meaningless regulations brought about by trumped up climate change initiatives and other globalist agendas.

Scott Adams is the Owner & General Manager of Red State Talk Radio and host of the Scott Adams Show, a political radio talk show that airs live every morning at 9a-12p EST.

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