Injured Student Sues School for Failing to Stop Her From Protesting Donald Trump

January 8, 2018 Updated: January 8, 2018

A California student has sued her university over what happened to her during a protest against U.S. President Donald Trump.

Mariana Flores, a sophomore at the University of California-San Diego, was protesting against Trump’s victory in the presidential race on a busy San Diego freeway when a car hit her.

The accident crushed her pelvis and fractured her leg, among other injuries, according to the school’s newspaper.

Flores’ personal injury and property damage lawsuit against the school says she suffered wage loss, loss of earning capacity, hospital and medical expenses, general damage, property damage, and loss of personal property as a result of the incident.

The complaint says that the school did nothing to stop, control, or refrain the protest, which had been organized by students at the school.

The protest started on the university’s campus in La Jolla after Trump gave his victory speech in the early morning hours of Nov. 9, 2016, reported the San Diego Union-Tribune. The protest eventually moved onto the southbound freeway, where a car struck Flores at 1:40 a.m.

Flores’ attorney Gene Sullivan told the school newspaper that Flores is responsible for the accident but claims the university is also partially responsible.

“It’s a long-established rule that a university or any public entity has a duty to protect their students and have them be safe,” Sullivan said.

“We think it’s a case of shared responsibility of the school, Maria and the driver, and we’re not saying that anybody is without fault or fault-free,” Sullivan added to the Los Angeles Times. “We think other people bear some responsibility as well.”

The 46-year-old driver who hit Flores stopped after he hit her and was not suspected of drunk driving, reported the Tribune. It’s unclear whether he was charged with any crime.


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