In Vitro Fertilization in Israel With a Humane Touch to the Story

December 4, 2014 Updated: April 23, 2016

Get a clearer picture from first-hand accounts of the caregivers of Herzliya Medical Center on how to prepare mentally for your in vitro treatment. 

HerzliyaMedical Center, located at Israel’s compelling Mediterranean coastal area, is the flagship of private medical care, mind you, not just in local, but also in international terms. Founded in 1989 the institution offers a diverse range of superb-rated medical services, with a special emphasis on hosting foreign patients from around the globe.

Taking a closer look at the numerous medical travelers in its corridors and waiting rooms you will note that the majority of patients do not arrive here alone.  It doesn’t take a second guess to know that couples you meet hereflock to Israel filled with hope to become parents. Wonder how fertility treatments, in vitro fertilization in particular, have becomesuch a key engine of medical tourism in Israel?

Witnessing the passage of thousands of childless couples for more than two decades, HerzliyaMedical Centerstaff knows what it takes. These caregivers have compiled you just a few details to consider before you take a step further for yourin vitro fertilization and book your ticket to Israel.  If you prepare yourself mentally for the fact that undergoing the complex procedure of in-vitro, no deny, will face you and your partner with pitfalls you may not expect, you will take the obstacles with a more mindful spirit.


–          Be prepared to adhere to strict schedules and drug administration rules

–          You should know that medications used during the procedure have side-effects and may affect your mood and emotional balance

–          Because of examinations, diagnostic tests that may carry certain discomfort you may feel exhausted and run down at certain point.

–          The sometimes-sterile hospital environment and the constant presence of medical staff might make you feel isolated and alienated even from your partner.  Make sure you share the experience and don’t get distanced.

–          You may feel alone, so make sure you connect to “fellow patients” and share your story.

–          Don’t take it as an illness, but rather seize the opportunity to learn how to take care of your body and embrace a healthier life-style.

–          Consider your days spent in hospital as a great way to self-discovery and personal growth.

Bearing all these difficulties in mind Herzliya Medical Center decided to go one step ahead and besides the over-the-standard medical framework to in vitro fertilization, they set up a unique multilingual personalized technical and emotional support system for all their patients.

Let’s get a glimpse of how in vitro fertilization treatment is conducted in Israel’s leading private hospital, with a special emphasis on the humane side of the story.

Moving dynamically toward international horizons, in 2011 the hospital felt it was time to institutionalize a department that could exclusively handle the coordination of foreign patient care and opened its Department of Medical Tourism. By now the branch has become an essential cog in the machine, providing translation and interpretation services for couples of all nations. Furthermore, if you fix upon HerzliyaMedical Center for your in vitro fertilization treatment you are automatically entitled to a personal Case Manager, who will be of your service all along your stay. Your Case Manager will consider your delicate circumstances and will do their best to make your hospital care and administrative procedures as smooth as possible. From your reception upon your arrival to lab test appointments and due medications, your coordinator is there for you as a discrete friend.

What as a would-be parent you’d appreciate the most is the fact that you don’t need to leave the venue in any stage of the medical treatment – let alone leisure activities and sightseeing – diagnostic tests, all interventions and after-care are conducted under one roof according to strictly scheduled appointments. No paralyzing waiting lists or nerve-wrecking lines that discourage you or test your partner’s patience.

Staff knows that your emotional balance and confidence is a key factor when it comes down to becoming pregnant, which in a broader sense is your way to healing.

Entering the Department of In Vitro Fertilization you feel cozy and relaxed, all details designed with care to put you at ease. During the necessary hospitalization you can opt for single and double standard rooms or if your budget allows you can spend an overnight in a VIP suite.

All these tendencies and standards set by Herzliya Medical Center take Israeli healthcare toward a patient, or in this case, a couple-oriented approach reminding us that infertility can have quite serious social, psychological and relationship implications and those in need should never feel left alone or stigmatized.