In Their Own Words: Chinese People Renounce the Party

April 15, 2015 Updated: April 15, 2015

People from all walks of life renounce the Communist Party, thus joining the Tuidang movement. From students to farmers, Christians to atheists, civilians to Party secretaries, a sampling of their statements of renunciations are recorded below.

Quitting the Youth League and Young Pioneers

Bai Xuanxuan May 14, 2012, Shanghai

I am a student. At school I am forced to wear the red scarf and participate in the ceremony to join the Young Pioneers. Students who refuse the red scarf are barred from the classroom. I hereby announce my renunciation of the Youth League and its related organizations, none of which I acknowledge. … What I wear every day around my neck is nothing more than a piece of red cloth; it means nothing and symbolizes nothing.”


Quitting the Evil CCP and Its Related Organizations

Wang Yang, April 13, 2015, China

I am a deputy inspector at a county-level procuratorate in mainland China. My work does not allow me to handle cases in accordance with the law, but what my supervisors and other Party leaders tell me. I now recognize the dictatorial and evil, rogue nature of the Chinese Communist Party for what it is, and I hereby renounce the evil CCP and its affiliated organizations. I now terminate my ties to the evil Party!


Statement to Quit the Youth League and the Young Pioneers

Jian Ge, Dec. 15, 2007, Hunan Province

I worked at Tiananmen Square as an officer of the Armed Police in Beijing. Back then, I took part in the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners. Now I understand the truth. I hereby renounce my Young Pioneers and Youth League membership, and declare void the oaths I once made [to those organizations.]


“I Quit the Chinese Communist Party and Its Affiliated Organizations”

Zheng Chunhua, Dec. 15, 2007

I am a branch-level party secretary who has been deceived by the evil Party for many years. Today I have come to recognize the evil CCP’s true nature as an authoritarian dictatorship that has maintained its rule with lies and violence … bringing great suffering to the people. I genuinely withdraw from the Party.