Impediments to American Renewal: The No-Principles Party

January 17, 2019 Updated: February 4, 2019


If you could identify the major principles of today’s Democratic Party, what would they be? Two decades ago, the party stood for a strong America (à la JFK and Bill Clinton) and a strong economy that was good for all—an economy that helped the less fortunate and the blue-collar base that made America work.

There were other commendable issues for them. I can recall when former Sen. Tom Daschle (D-S.D.) spoke about fair trade versus free trade, and how NAFTA was hollowing out middle America.

Benefiting individuals and improving “the common good,” as championed by the Founding Fathers, should be a part of the ideals that underpin the Democratic Party. Unfortunately, that is now gone, destroyed in the past decade. Destroyed by an irrational hatred of our country, our cultural roots, and our history. Destroyed by a lust for power.  

Here are some examples of their current issues:

• Ecological apocalyptic prophecy: We are destroying our planet; America is the worst.

• We are more racist than any culture, ever.

• Walls are racist, and don’t work. Except at their private homes. Plus, illegal immigrants are superior to the rest of us.

• Gender can be changed, picked, and is fluid at all times. It’s not really biological.

• American exceptionalism is false. We have never been great.

• Economic growth is not important; redistributing wealth is. Socialism is good.

• Trump is bad.

There are more, but herein lies the problem: Those are the central principles of the new Democratic Party. With the media as the mouthpiece of the Democrats—the vanguard of their ideology—we have a new day. Those principles are repeated ad nauseam in order to placate the hard-left base, and to convince and retain the voters needed to keep leftists in power.

As described in my latest notes on Democratic principles, the principles of JFK, Hubert Humphrey, and Scoop Jackson are no longer espoused. Heck, not even those of Daschle.

No, the new first principles all hang from the poisoned well of hatred that has overwhelmed the left. They don’t mind chaos at our throats; they want their voters angry. They don’t care if they need to lie and destroy to get them angry.

Look at the litany of lies they told their voters for two straight years: Trump was elected by the Russians; he’s illegitimate. Trump hates African-Americans. Trump hates Hispanics. Trump hates women. Trump is mean. Trump is stupid. Trump is over his head. Trump is chaos. Trump lies about everything. Oh, and by the way, Trump has ruined and taken over the Republican Party. They’re even worse than before! Which may not be possible … and so on, ad nauseam.

The Democrat/media complex has been ginning up this hatred in close to half of our citizenry for more than a decade now, the last two years being insufferable. The leftist media has filled our heads with 92 percent negativity during an amazing economic boom-time, along with so many successes around the world. People should be happy. Their lives are markedly better in tangible ways. The list of Trump’s accomplishments is huge. As is the list of his promises kept.

Because of these successes, the left has needed their despicable behavior for the past two years to be thought of as virtuous and emulated by their voters. They have needed to create an alternate reality about Trump’s successes being failures.

They have had to claim that policies created by Democratic presidents, and voted for by Democrats, are Trump’s foibles and his fault alone. Thus, the weepy stories of immigrant children being separated from parents. Thus, the story of the caravans as “people who need asylum.” Thus, the stories of “children being gassed at the border.”

The truth: People were gassed at the border under Obama, and children were separated from their parents and caged. These were existing policies to deal with the border problems, none of which Trump created.

The made-up lie of people in recent caravans needing asylum is the left at its worst. It’s demonstrable that these border-crashers simply want better jobs, and free benefits, and that’s it. That’s what the leftist cabals that recruited them promised would happen. “Asylum” is the talking point to get them here legally. The left has a legion of lawyers teaching these people how to lie, how to say their lives are threatened, in order to gain the benefits promised those who want to gain entrance into our country illegally. They are gaming the system, a system designed for people in real need of asylum. And they are breaking that same system.

The new lie that “there is no border crisis” may be even worse.

The left is shameless. They don’t care a whit about the border crisis. They don’t care a whit about these people who they have essentially invited here. They don’t care a smidge about their hardships, their stories, their problems. They couldn’t care less about the violence they endure, or the violence many of them inflict on Americans. The Democrats pretend to be the party of big hearts, while all the time being the party of the big lie. The party of true heartlessness. The party of power-seekers.

Every week, Fox News host Tucker Carlson tells this story clearly: The left wants to use these “immigrants” as pawns to gain permanent power. Leftists expect illegals to overwhelm America demographically and be beholden to their leftist masters. They believe these are people they can sway with promises of free health care, and every other freebie the left will offer. Their intention is to replace the American electorate with a more left-leaning demographic that will always vote Democratic. Carlson has compellingly espoused this for over a year.  

And it appears to be the truth. It’s the conclusion reached using Occam’s Razor. When you ask why Democrats have totally changed their minds on this issue in the past decade, this answer is best. As pointed out, leading Democrats have turned a 180 on illegal immigration in the past decade or so.

Most Democrats are no longer in mainstream America—they have been captured and controlled by the radical left. It’s why they wouldn’t make a deal on DACA. It’s why they don’t want to allow the border wall to be built. It’s why they won’t call it a crisis. They need the votes.

My question: Just how long can the Democrats be that unprincipled and keep their old voters? How long will Democrats stay with a party that lurches so hard left?

My answer: As long as they can be fooled into believing Democrats are the party of JFK and social betterment. As long as they have a Republican Party that will lie down for them while running them over, à la Mitt Romney. The left owns the media, which means the center-right will have to work and fight harder to beat them, along with Mitt. The good news: Democrats have become so extreme, it shouldn’t be hard to point that out to most voters.

I thought the extremism and insanity displayed by elected Democrats and their media slaves would finally turn off their voting base. I thought the “Walk Away” movement would be more powerful.

I really expected many Democrat voters to stay away this past election. But they didn’t. It was more of the center-right who stayed home.

To those on the center-right who thought staying home was a smart protest: How in the world is allowing Nancy Pelosi more power helping? Doesn’t that just show leftists that their policy of demonization and saying crazy things like President Donald Trump was elected by Russia works? How is allowing the left to have no principles, and then be elected to power, possibly good?

To my left-of-center friends: At what point will you rein in your leaders and representatives? Grasping the problem of having no principles other than to stoke anger isn’t hard. Allowing your leaders to say crazy, nasty things, and win means they’ll only get crazier and nastier.

Once upon a time, William Buckley faced down the John Birch Society, severing the craziest, loudest voices from becoming the face of the right. What the left needs is someone strong enough to stand up to the crazies and yell stop, as Buckley did. Brandon Straka is doing it. To a degree, Alan Dershowitz is doing it. What the left needs now is a tidal wave to break its own extremist, unprincipled fanaticism.

Needed is a bipartisan effort to walk back the non-principled extremists on the left. Soon. Before we are torn apart.

David Prentice is a writer and novelist from the Midwest.

Views expressed in this article are the opinions of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of The Epoch Times.