Immigrant Uber Driver Beaten & Threatened by Passenger Who Thought He ‘Was Muslim’

November 17, 2015 Updated: November 17, 2015

An Uber driver from North Carolina was reportedly attacked by a passenger who threatened to shoot him because he thought he was Muslim. Samson Woldemichael, who arrived in the United States eight years ago from Ethiopia, said he picked up a man from a Charlotte-area bar on Sunday morning, reported WBTV.

Later, the man became aggressive when the two arrived at his home 10 miles away, threatening to shoot Woldemichael in the head and strangle him. He also used anti-Muslim slurs and profanity.

At first, though, “We had a good conversation. (He) told me he was from Boston,” Woldemichael told WSOC-TV.

He said, “He turned to be hateful, said he would end me,” he said. “And said he would shoot me in the face, strangle me.”

The man also used physical violence.

“He asked me if I was a Muslim, (and) I said I was not a Muslim,” Woldemichael told WBTV. “I was driving and he hit me while I was driving.”

Adding that he’s Christian, Woldemichael said he’s not sure why the man got angry.

“I told him in the first place I was not a Muslim, (but) it’s not right to generalize people and do that,” he said.

Woldemichael said the passenger refused to get out of his car and threatened to kill him. He also demanded he get out.

The driver said he was afraid to park his vehicle so he drove around the man’s block. The passenger then hit him in the forehead and kept hitting him in the head.

“He was saying he would shoot me and he was acting like he’s hiding his hand in his back, so he was acting like he was armed,” said Woldemichael.

Woldemichael then called 911.

He added that he hopes more Americans weren’t so afraid of immigrants.

“There are people who are not originally from here but who are really Americans in their hearts,” he told WBTV. “They love the system. They love the country and they want to protect the system here, and they want to raise their kids peacefully with the existing system. They believe in America, so it’s better to work with them than generalizing them and attacking them.”