Illyanna De La Keur Gets Glued to Toilet Seat at Home Depot in Georgia

December 9, 2013 Updated: July 18, 2015

Illyanna De La Keur, a stay-at-home mother, got stuck on a toilet at Home Depot in Georgia after a prankster put glue on four toilet seats.

“I went in and couldn’t get up,” she told WSB-TV.

“I didn’t look, I didn’t know I had to.”

She estimates that she was there for 20 to 25 minutes before help arrived.

The Banks County Sheriff’s Office said in a statement that deputies responded to the bathroom after being alerted to the situation.

A brown paper bag with Loctite GO2 Glue was found in the bathroom.

Medical units called in helped “remove the toilet seat from Ms. Illyanna La Keur’s behind,” the sheriff’s office said.

Deputy Carissa McFaddin said that it is an open investigation, as no suspects have been identified.

The damaged toilet seats are estimated at $20 each.

“It hurt,” said De La Keur. “It was scary.”

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