‘Illegal Immigrants Forcibly Occupy Small Texas Town’ is Fake; Sarita, Texas is Fine

An article saying illegal immigrants took over Sarita, a small Texas town, is fake.

The bogus report was published on National Report, a “satire” websitte, that often pokes fun at conservatives.

The article has thousands of shares and “likes” on Facebook. 

“The Mexican border crisis has gone from bad to worse over night, after a well-organized Hispanic militia sacked the small town of Sarita, Texas. Sarita is a quiet community, residing 90 miles west of Mexico’s border. The city limits stretch along U.S. Route 77, but end before reaching nearby Corpus Christi, TX. The 2010 US Census states that the berg has a mere 284 residents,” it reads.

The National Report drew headlines last year when it published a fake viral story about Obamacare requiring RFID chip implantation in Wyoming.

According to a now-removed disclaimer, the website is satirical in nature. “National Report is a news and political satire web publication, which may or may not use real names, often in semi-real or mostly fictitious ways,” it says.

The publisher of the National Report, “Allen Montgomery,” gave an interview with the Casper Star-Tribune last year. 

“We have been targeting Tea Party types recently as they are the most gullible and are willing to spread misinformation across the internet with little/no research,” he told the paper.

He said it’s not a real news site.

“It is our opinion that if a person is too lazy to check for multiple references [or at least one other source] … and they spread misinformation around as fact, then they are to blame for their own stupidity, not us,” he said.