If You Listened Closely, Biden Said a Worrisome Lot

September 30, 2020 Updated: September 30, 2020


The first debate is in the books, and it certainly was a rough and tumble affair. If you listened closely, however, you heard all you need to know about the November election and who Joe Biden really is.

Keep in mind that debates don’t occur in a vacuum. This is shaping up as a close election because we are such a divided country. No president has won with more than 53 percent of the vote since 1988 and few people cross party lines to vote for the other party’s candidate.

All in all, this election likely will be quite close. Each vote will matter just as it did in in 2016. So, what the candidates said or didn’t say should matter.

On the plus side for Biden, going into the debate, there were questions about whether he could last a full night. While Biden didn’t look overly energetic, he didn’t have that awful moment.

On the negative side, Biden said many things that every voter should have heard and committed to memory.

  1. Reimagining policing? Biden said he wanted sociologists to go with the police to stop them from using force.
  2. On the other hand, Biden forcefully stood by his pledge to raise taxes by $4 trillion dollars over the next 10 years—a pledge that will sink the economy.
  3. Instead, Biden said that his tax increases would lead to more jobs.
  4. Biden stood by his pledge to end the use of fossil fuels—a pledge that will sink the economy.
  5. Biden’s son did no wrong? Biden is either completely oblivious about his son’s activity (sarcasm) or willing to lie to the American people about his son taking $3.5 million from a Russian oligarch tied to Putin, and about his deals in China and in Ukraine.
  6. Who was presidential? Biden accused the president of not being presidential but then Biden told the president to “shut up,” he called him a “liar,” a “clown,” and, of course, called him a “racist.”
  7. Biden said he was the Democrat Party. I doubt AOC, Bernie Sanders, or Elizabeth Warren agrees with that, let alone Antifa.
  8. Speaking of Antifa, Biden said Antifa is just an idea.
  9. Biden said he was against defunding the police, but he does want to redirect funding.
  10. Biden said he didn’t call African Americans predators—but he did.
  11. Biden said he didn’t sign onto the Green New Deal, as envisioned by AOC and Bernie Sanders, but he did.

Biden also refused to say certain things, and everyone should know that, too.

  1. Biden refused to answer whether he would pack the Supreme Court if he becomes president. Biden literally said, “No, I’m not going to answer that.”
  2. Biden refused to answer whether he supports ending the Senate filibuster if he’s elected.
  3. Biden had no response when President Donald Trump pointed out that Biden came up with the idea of investigating Michael Flynn.
  4. When asked to name a single law enforcement group that supports him, Biden fell silent. He has none.

Do you get the picture?

Biden isn’t for realistic law enforcement so you can expect our cities to continue to decline. His policies will sink the economy and still, you will have to pay higher taxes. Otherwise, Biden essentially said you have to elect me before I tell you what I will do.

Every voter should know that and use that information to vote on Nov. 3.

Thomas Del Beccaro is an acclaimed author, speaker, Fox News, Fox Business, and Epoch Times opinion writer, and former chairman of the California Republican Party. He’s the author of the historical perspectives “The Divided Era” and “The New Conservative Paradigm.”

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