‘If I saw this, I swear I would leave the country’: Viewers React to Video of Creepy Moth

October 25, 2017 Updated: October 27, 2017

Video and a photo of a demon-like moth that has four hairy tentacles coming out of its rear have been making waves on the internet.

The media, uploaded to Facebook by user Gandik in Indonesia, shows the moth on a white tile floor flexing its hairy tentacles up and down.

“This needs to extinct itself straight back to hell!,” wrote Facebook user Stephanie Bolen in the comments below.

“That’s the nastiest thing I’ve ever seen…..” added Facebook user Jess Bowers.

“If I saw this, I swear I would leave the country,” wrote Facebook user Karla Polonia Amarante in Spanish.

It turns out the creature isn’t an alien’s pet, but a moth called Creatonotos gangis.

It is found in southeast Asia and northern Australia, and is known for being a terror to pomegranate trees.

Its wings are about 1.5 inches long, and are usually white with black streaks, while the abdomen is red.

The bizarre hairy tentacles it has sticking out of its abdomen are scent organs and release pheromones to attract mates.

Despite it not being a threat to humans, its looks are enough to incite terror.

A Creatonotos gangis moth in India on April 11, 2012. (“Creatonotos gangis” by goldentakin/Flickr [CC BY 2.0 (ept.ms/2haHp2Y)])
“Omg I’m going to have nightmares,” wrote Facebook user Alessandra Nuzzo, whose friend had tagged her in the post.

“What my nightmares are made of,” added user Kaylee Fuchs.

“Does it drink blood?” asked user Fabián Cubillos.

“Somebody needs to tell it not to come anywhere near me,” wrote Zhonia Alexis Porter.

As of Oct. 24, the post had been shared almost 200,000 times with over 10,000 reactions.

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