Identical Street Images Look Like They Go in Different Directions, Go Viral

February 10, 2018 Updated: October 5, 2018

If you’re into optical illusions, this one may just blow your mind. See how the picture on the right is taken from a different angle so that it looks like the street leans more to the right? Look again.

Perhaps you looked again and still didn’t see it. Try to put something with a straight edge along the curb on the left side of the road in one of the pictures. Now you should see that the curbs on both pictures are actually parallel.

Yes, the pictures are exactly the same. Perhaps it gets a bit frustrating because, even though you know they’re the same, your brain still shows them to you as different.

Try this.

The optical illusion has been making rounds online, garnering millions of views. Some people even went to considerable lengths to prove the pictures are indeed identical.

The pictures follow in a long tradition of optical illusions going viral. Last year a picture of zigzag lines spread on social media because, to many an observer, it contained a picture of a panda.

And who could forget the fad of February 2015, where a picture of a black and blue dress went viral. Or was it white and gold?

It was blue and black.

And if you’re really into this, we have a collection of 16 optical illusions that may leave you seriously questioning reality.

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