Idaho Drought Monitor Map Shows ‘Severe’ and ‘Extreme’ Drought

Over 75 percent of state under drought conditions
January 2, 2014 Updated: July 18, 2015

The Idaho Drought Monitor Map shows around half of the state is under a “severe” or “extreme” drought.

About 5 percent of the state, in the southwest, is under the extreme drought, while another 40 percent is under the severe drought.

Much of the rest of the state is under a “moderate” drought (25 percent), or “abnormally dry” (8 percent), according to the map.

The top part of the state, which is significantly more narrow than the rest of the state, is not under any type of adverse weather. This is about 22 percent of the state.

This is worse than January 1, 2013, when 45 percent of the state was under no drought conditions.

The surrounding states, including Nevada, Washington, and Oregon, are also experiencing a lack of rain.


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