Ice Bucket Challenge Death Hoaxes: ‘Teen Dies Instantly After Bucket Falls on Head,’ ‘Woman Dies 30 Seconds Later’ Are Both Not Real

Viral hoaxes are saying that two people died immediately after doing the popular ice bucket challenge.

Both originated from a “satire” website called One posted last month claims a woman died 30 seconds after doing the challenge.

Another said that a boy died after having a bucket filled with water dropped on his head.

Both are fake. has a disclaimer at the bottom of each page, saying, “ is a combination of real shocking news and satire news to keep its visitors in a state of disbelief.”

AP update:

7 celebrity ice bucket challenges 
NEW YORK (AP) — Dozens of celebrities have helped fuel the success of the ice bucket challenge for ALS. Here are a few examples:

—Rocker Dave Grohl and his band, The Foo Fighters, spoofed the blood dump scene from the horror movie “Carrie.”

—Actor James Franco, who seems to enjoy provoking conversation, took his ice bucket challenge wearing only a T-shirt.

—Kermit the Frog, not to be outdone by James Franco, declared he was the first to take the ice bucketchallenge in the buff.

—Vogue editor Anna Wintour ditched her steely image to get her hair wet. Well, a little wet, anyway.

—Tom Cruise, who never seems to back down from a challenge, sat through not one but eight buckets of water being dumped on his head.

—Gabrielle Union tried to take the challenge wearing a shower cap to protect her hair, but someone off-camera pulls it off before she gets doused in water.

—Lindsay Lohan reached high when she took the challenge by nominating Prince Harry to join in. So far, no word from the royal.