I Thank You for Your Professional and Forceful Journalism

June 27, 2020 Updated: July 9, 2020

Translated from Portuguese (a reader of Spanish edition)

I live in Joinville, Santa Catarina – Brazil. I speak only Portuguese but I am studying the English language, I want to start by thanking the whole Epoch Times team for the great work of journalism that has impacted many lives around the world. I follow the news on Youtube and online, presented by the great journalist Elina Villafañe. I am a law student at the Catholic University of Santa Catarina, and it is not easy to be Christian and conservative at university. Most teachers are left-wing and often defend dictators and false left-wing moralists. Most university professors are left-wing. It is not important for them to make room for libertarian and conservative ideas. Only their old-fashioned view of the world is correct.

I thank you for your professional and forceful journalism. A hug from your most fervent and faithful reader.

God bless you.

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