I Thank You for All You Are Doing

May 28, 2020 Updated: July 10, 2020

Dear Epoch Times,

In response to your “My Forum”: At age 69, I’m not much into social media, especially with all the censoring by FB and others. So I probably won’t participate in My Forum, as it looks to be lots of different people posting things.

BUT… I have come to LOVE The Epoch Times!! I first heard about it from Bobby McLain, 9a conservative radio host 3-7 pm) in Greenville, SC on WORD, 106.3. I read all the daily emails, pretty much cover to cover, and I REALLY LOVE “American Thought Leaders”. As a 1973 graduate of Stanford University, I always enjoy anything coming out of the Hoover Institution, so I zero in on Victor David Hanson. From there, I have gone back and listened to several of the other pertinent broadcasts. Jan Jekielek is such a good host. And I love that the guests just get to talk and talk. For example, in his interview with Kimberley Strassel, she has so much good stuff to say, but when you hear her on the Fox News panel with Bret Baier, she only gets a small segment of time to respond. I loved hearing her expound on so many different topics.

I find myself taking notes! Am I back in the classroom?? It feels a bit like that, with so much good information. The reporting on China is so alarming.

I do wonder how you get the word (the truth) to the people in China. I saw on one video that thugs came into the publishing office of The Epoch Times and set it on fire. I’m certain your people over there have to be extremely careful. I do hope for some sort of miracle awakening of the Chinese people, for them to rise up against the CCP, and take their country back. But it is scary to see your videos of all the police mobilized against the people. My hope is that with the inevitable de-coupling of the world from China, that their economic juggernaut will be starved, and they won’t be able to pay their soldiers and police, so that maybe those people will join the freedom-loving citizens of China, and things will change. But not without tons of bloodshed, I’m afraid.

I thank you for all you are doing to get the intelligent word out to those who choose to read it. Keep up the good work! Sometimes it is difficult to digest all this ‘reality’, as I sit here in the comfort of my home here in North Carolina, but I feel good that I am becoming INFORMED! I am spreading the word about The Epoch Times to my like-minded friends who have the patience to read all the good information here.

Ann T.
Tryon, North Carolina

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