I Respect This Newspaper

June 15, 2020 Updated: July 10, 2020

First, I have decided to continue past my trial period with certainty for the quality of your paper. At this point, everything is as promised in content. Thank you for being a clear voice of slant free fact. I find all forms of opinion by average people unworthy of contemplation as I try to grasp what is occurring in my Country and World. “Common Sense” is a phrase that has become the mantra for uneducated people making useless points. This is the place disinformation comes from and thrives. I read through all the articles in Epoch Times when I finally got hard copies in my mailbox… finally! though no fault of Epoch Times. I was impressed with the focus and while I may not agree with every word front to back, I respect this newspaper.

Satisfied New Subscriber

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