I Just Wanted to Say How Much I Appreciate the Epoch Times

October 14, 2020 Updated: October 14, 2020

I just wanted to say how much I appreciate The Epoch Times.

I’m a 31-year-old man who lives in the northern Virginia suburbs with my wife and kid. I’ve been subscribed to TET for 4 months give or take.

I like to stay informed politically (both domestically and internationally) as much as I can but also don’t want to waste time doing it, so getting to the point with the facts is important, and The Epoch Times delivers. I really appreciate that.

But the real reason I’m reaching out is to say how much I enjoy the Life & Tradition section (also Mind & Body). These are incredible articles that I can’t wait to read every week. As a young man with a new wife and 4-month-old little girl, all of the articles about Manhood are just spectacular – my absolute favorite. I also really enjoy Eric Bess’s pieces on art interpretation. Not only do I get to learn about cool pieces of art, but also lessons on life through their meaning and interpretation.

I think The Epoch Times has some of the best political pieces, but the material I get in addition to that around manhood, history, art, health, and wellness, etc. is just awesome. I’ll be a subscriber for a long time if you keep delivering in these areas!