I Have Finished the Portrait of the Communist Spies

June 8, 2006 12:00 am Last Updated: June 8, 2006 12:00 am

Note from the Epoch Times reporter: I was listening to attorney Gao's article over the phone and typing it out. When I got to the last part of the article, the telephone connection was cut off. Just as I was getting ready to publish the incomplete article in its original form, I received help from Gao's concerned friends in Mainland China, so I was able to complete the article. I would like to thank these people and at the same time urge everyone to continue paying attention to attorney Gao's safety.

I recently received some telephone calls asking why there aren't any articles describing the surveillance on me. Some friends even asked if I was still being followed. I received even more of these inquiries after June 4. Today I will provide a brief explanation about this and use the opportunity to express my gratitude for the continued concern shown for my family by friends in China and overseas.

Spies from the Communist regime have never stopped harassing and following my whole family. The surveillance has intensified since May 1 this year. Hordes of spies, male and female, have become “intimate companions” of my family. For example, during morning exercises, my daughter jokingly calls them “team members”.

Acting under the direction of their superiors, hordes of male and female spies surround, harass, insult, threaten and even violently rob my family in every way 24 hours a day. You can say that they stop at no evil. Worse still, they created “car accidents” on several occasions, hoping to take my life.

Of course, in the 195 days since the spying began, I sometimes have unexpected “gains.” For instance, my wife (Geng He) and I have been together for more than 21 years since we met, but I have never seen her reprimanding anyone. Last night after dinner, a horde of female spies, bellies exposed, acted indecently and I finally saw Geng He reprimanding someone.

After the middle of May this year, the spies began to make some obvious bold “reforms” in their surveillance of me. Recently, a large number of seductive female spies, bellies exposed, suddenly appeared amongst the group of spies watching me. Their bellies were exposed so much it would make you speechless. Since May 1, the spies often use their bodies to touch me “intimately” while following me and I have since become used to them as well as to the female spies with exposed bellies.

After dinner last night, I went for a walk with my wife and daughter. Because I hadn't been downstairs all day, the female spies, bellies exposed, rushed around me excitedly. One of them came right up and tried to make physical contact with me. Geng He was stunned and said: “We did not plan to admonish anyone, but your behavior is far more shameless than the prostitutes on the streets.”

The reaction from the female spy is indeed an eye opener. After hearing Geng He's reprimands, she simply stepped forward in front of Geng He, turned around and swung her body widely and vigorously. Her indecent behavior was really shocking. But what happened yesterday also made me realize that these spies might have other intentions. While the female spies, bellies exposed, tried to make close body contact with me, there were at least two cameras aimed at me!

Up until today, spies from the Communist regime have “lived” with my family 24 hours a day for 195 days. In the first ten days, I published articles describing in detail how they kept watch over me every day. This kind of long term, long-suffering writing about their surveillance is not a hobby, and certainly not something I enjoy.

My original plan was to spend a couple of weeks painting a true portrait of the Communist spies using my eyes and the pen in my hand. They are part of the mafia organization inside the Communist regime and most of the people in China don't even know about them. I have finally completed this mission.

Written on June 6, 2006 in a Beijing Kentucky outlet, surrounded by Communist spies.